What is Bee Tap Energy™?

Bee Tap Energy™ is made from all natural ingredients in the perfect ratio to create the worlds best all natural energy gel that doesn’t require water and packs more carbs per dose than other energy gels. The key to Bee Tap Energy™’s success is the ratio of Vermont Pure Maple Syrup and pure honey. The mixture of different types of sugars (Maple is mostly sucrose and Honey is mostly fructose) found in the two main ingredients allows for a longer lasting, more energy producing, less spiking, low glycemic index, great tasting energy gel. Himalayan Salt is added to enhance the natural electrolytes found in Bee Tap Energy™ and ginger is added to help digestion.

Bee Tap Energy™ Bulk Bottle

The Bee Tap Energy™ 32 oz/1000ml resealable bottle is fully recyclable and reusable. It is important to us to develop the most ecologically sustainable products that we can in order to be the best corporate citizen possible. Whenever possible, we use as little resource to make all of our products that we can.

Soft Flask

When combined with a Bee Tap Energy™ soft flask, you can easily and cleanly carry 5-6 doses on your race, run, or ride. The flask even makes it convenient to carry while skiing, snowboarding, hiking, or pretty much anything. All while helping save the planet less waste from single packets!

Single Packs

We understand that 32 oz bottles are a bit much if you were interested in trying out a new product so we do make individual packets. (We just know you will love our product so much that you won’t use them for very long and opt to get the bottles and flasks as soon as you taste it!) We are also committed to working diligently with our suppliers to use as little packaging as possible until a more earth friendly bioplastic can be commercially scaled for use!


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