July 10th, 2022…. that’s when it happened.

Riding hard on a training ride with my friend when I took on a commercial gel while charging up a hill. The thick frosting like gel was difficult to fully swallow so I grabbed my water bottle, gave it a squirt and ended up inhaling my water and the gel into my right lung! I went from top form to couch potato in seconds flat and after limping home and a couple of ED visits, it was confirmed…aspiration pneumonitis! Basically, the commercial gel and water burned the tissues in my right lung to the point that I could barely walk across to the kitchen without gasping for breath!

While in recovery, I researched natural energy products and since I live in beautiful Vermont (the maple syrup capitol of the US) I came across more and more evidence that Maple syrup was a good source of the carb energy athletes require to perform at their best. I also remembered back in my track days we used honey but it was difficult to use due to the viscosity.

Then it dawned on me, mixing the two would give a “goldilocks” consistency that was not too thin like maple syrup and not too thick like honey and adding some sodium and ginger gave it the perfect taste. The benefits of having the different types of natural sugars gives Bee Tap™ more carbs and a longer power curve than other gels and without the sugar spike of commercial gels. It also allows Bee Tap™ to be used without the need for water to dilute it in the stomach like commercial gels. (check out our science page for more details on all of the benefits.)

Marc Sacco